Our family vacation September 10 to 17, 2011 at Tybee Island, GA was so much fun!!  

On Thursday, September 15, my friend Alisha Wise talked me into kayaking.  At 58, I kayaked for the first time! Yep, seems it took that many years to get the courage up!!!  I loved it!  Alisha  and I kayaked from Tybee Island to Little Tybee Island.  My son Donnie and Allen Wise made the trip after we girls returned.  

Little Tybee is uninhabited.  The only way to get to the island is swim, kite surf, paddle a surf board, or by boat. Our adventure included discovering the natural wildlife on the island.  This was the first time I saw clams in their natural setting.  A large crab was sneaking up on a bunch of little crabs, grabbing one, sliding back into the water, and eating the poor little baby crab. I did not know they were cannibals! The old trees in the salt water provide a picturesque resting place for pelicans which made an awesome site.  All four of us picked up some really cool shells to add to our collection.

Too bad I did not bring my camera. We were afraid I would flip the kayak, submerge myself, and all my belongings into the water!!  Next trip, I will double bag the camera in 2 to 3 double seal zip lock bags. This really keeps items dry as I discovered on a trek later that day.

Now, little of my environmental concern: it is a shame you have to pick up trash on an uninhabited island reserve.  I understand that the wind can whip hats and paper from our hands out into the ocean to wash up on land, but some of the items we found I feel was just inconsiderate litter. 

See more photos of our adventures at YouTube.

See the house we rented at 1811 Chatham Ave.