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My Favorite Tybee Island Restaurants are listed below!

A "must do" at Tybee Island is to go to the Crab Shack Restaurant located on Chimney Creek. This is a very interesting and entertaining restaurant. The floors are made of wood slats with cracks between them. They even have a large pen of small alligators that you can view free of charge!

The Crab Shack is an adventure!!

My other favorite restaurants are The Sugar Shack and MacElwee's Seafood Restaurant near the anchor and curve on Highway 80.

MacElwee's Seafood

Also offers chicken and steak.
The Sugar Shack

Go in swimwear and flipflops!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner!
Served on disposable plates and cups.  Food is reasonable priced and very good!!
A list of Tybee Island Restaurants can be found at the link below:

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