Bring your metal detector and scope the beach for buried treasurer.  Legends abound that pirates hid their booty on the island.  Even if you do not locate ancient buried treasure, you may find more recent 'lost' treasures from tourists as they played in the ocean and on the beach.



Jelly Fish  in a four leaf clover design

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My Favorite Treasures! 

I love walking the beach and discovering the seashells.  The ocean brings forth a variety of shells.  You can make jewelry with the shells.  Look for the shells with the natural holes.   If you are lucky to find a large shell, you can use it as a soap or candy dish.

Dolphin watching is high on my treasure list.  They are so graceful as they curve out of the sea.

 The south end of the island provides a bounty of starfish and sand dollars at low tide.  Be mindful and respectful of these wonderful sea creatures.  They are beautiful to watch in their environment.

Sounds of the ocean waves are so relaxing.  The waves just soothe away all the worries of a fast paced life style.  You will leave the island in a very different state of mind than when you arrived.   It is worth the trip!

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